Rockets hit southern Israel after IDF Gaza strikes


JERUSALEM (JTA) – A rocket hit southern Israel hours after the Israeli military struck what it said were two terrorist squads in Gaza.

The Kassam rocket that was fired into the western Negev from Gaza on Wednesday morning failed to detonate, according to reports.Three more rockets struck the western Negev later on Wednesday.

On Tuesday night, the Israeli Defense Forces said it attacked terrorist squads in two separate operations in Gaza.

The two squads, both affiliated with the Global Jihad movement, had been involved in recent terrorist activity against Israel, the IDF said in a statement issued Tuesday night.

Three squad members were killed in the two strikes and 10 were wounded, according to reports.

The IDF identified some members of the squads, including Rami Daoud Jabar Khafarna, 27, a Global Jihad-affiliated terrorist from Jabalia who is a former member of Hamas’ military wing and known to have taken part in firing rockets at Israel; and Hazam Mahmad Sa’adi Al-Shakr, 26, a Global Jihad-affiliated terrorist from Beit Hanoun, who is a former member of Hamas. Al-Shakr has planted and detonated explosive devices against IDF soldiers, along the border with the Gaza Strip, according to the IDF.

The hits were a joint IDF-Israel Security Agency operation. The IDF in its statement held Hamas responsible for all terrorist activity emanating from Gaza.

Rockets fired from Gaza struck southern Israel on Sunday and Monday.

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