Jon Stewart to Fox News: In your face, you lower-ratings disgrace!


The face of a winner

TVNewser ratings came out this week, and let’s just say that Fox caught a huge break with these stats coming out during “The Daily Show” vacation. The report shows that Fox News viewership has gone down by 9% this year, officially averaging fewer viewers than “The Daily Show.”  Stewart’s Comedy Central fake news show, on the other hand, has seen a 7% increase in overall viewership. In fact, with the exception of Bill O’Reilly (who is objectively fascinating), all Fox News broadcasts (including the biggies like Hannity and “Fox and Friends”) are raking in less than 2 million viewers each, while “The Daily Show” hits an average of 2.3 million. Even O’Reilly, Fox’s most popular segment, only beats Stewart by about 700,000 viewers.

Teeheehee! Stewart rulez, you droolz. He’s gonna poop all over this news once he’s back on the air, so prepare yourselves for a whopper of a montage.

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