The Emergency Committee for Israel targets Ron Paul


 The Emergency Committee for Israel, perhaps for the first time, earns some nonpartisan stripes for releasing an ad in South Carolina markets targeting Ron Paul’s candidacy.

The thinking, I guess, is that ECI co-founder Gary Bauer, who speaks in the ad, has cred among evangelical conservatives in the state.

This is the first time, ECI director Noah Pollak tells me via Twitter, that ECI has targeted a Republican. The group, which targeted only Democrats in the 2010 campaign, has taken flack from critics who say it’s a GOP front.

And before my Democratic friends sneer "but it’s Ron Paul," remember that you’ve been calling on conservatives to repudiate Paul in the face of his stronger than expected performance in Iowa. So here it is.

I’m a little worried, though, that when the ad switches from a sappy, anthemic upbeat theme to something sinister (around 20 seconds in), to underscore Bauer’s transition from the politics of Goldwater and Reagan to Paul, the bad guy music ECI chooses is … Moonlight Sonata?

How many folks prefer Beethoven to some Charlie Rich wannabe plunking around some major chords?

Don’t answer that.

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