Elizabeth Taylor’s memory might be destroyed by Lindsay Lohan’s terrible acting


A vision of class and grace

Picture this: Lindsay Lohan, a convicted necklace thief, is in talks to play Elizabeth Taylor, a screen heiress whose jewelry collection just sold for $137 million, in an upcoming biopic. See the irony here? Anyone? Anyone?

Indeed, Lindsay Lohan might be playing the famous Liz in an upcoming film called “Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story,” according to Entertainment Weekly. The movie will focus on the controversial relationship between Taylor and Richard Burton. While things are still at a hearsay point, many feel it would make sense for Lohan to fill Taylor’s shoes — both ladies became famous at a young age and grew up in the spotlight.

While I personally don’t see much to compare between the elegant and talented Ms. Taylor and the freckle-faced coke ball named Lindsay Lohan, this news still comes as no surprise. LiLo loves riding on the coattails of deceased legends. But to be fair, at least it has kept her relevant. Some say her Marilyn Monroe nude shoot was a financial flop for Playboy due to an early leak. Others claim it broke sales records. But no matter what, it was talked about. And that’s what attention whoring soul-searching actresses love in life. So yay for LiLo!

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