Obama and Bibi talk — why talk about it today?


 President Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu spoke today. Here’s the White House statement:

Today, as a part of their regular communication and cooperation on bilateral and regional issues, President  Obama spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel.  They reviewed the recent meetings between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in Amman and the President reaffirmed his commitment to the goal of a comprehensive and lasting peace in the region.  The two leaders also discussed recent Iran-related developments, including the international community’s efforts to hold Iran accountable for its failures to meet its international obligations.  The President reiterated his unshakable commitment to Israel’s security, and the President and the Prime Minister promised to stay in touch in the coming weeks on these and other issues of mutual concern.   

Note "regular communication." As we learned from the open-mic with Sarkozy scandal that wasn’t, Bibi and Barack speak just about daily. So why make an official note of it now?

Consider, perhaps, that this statement is emblematic of the Obama-Bibi relationship, cast from Obama’s perspective. Or, to translate:

— I, Barack Obama, am serious about this Jordan talks business — are you, Bibi?

— I, Barack Obama, am serious about squeezing Iran hard, which is what you have been seeking.

— I, Barack Obama, have your back.

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