Daniel Radcliffe: 10 points. Saturday Night Live: 0


"Hairy" Potter himself! (courtesy of NBC)

Legendary (and recently dried up) late-night sketch show “Saturday Night Live” ushered in 2012 with a bang. And by “bang,” I mean hardcore suckiness. With English wizarding legend Daniel Radcliffe hosting and newcomer Lana Del Rey, producers thought the show would be a hit. Unfortunately, they forgot about their crappy writers and past musical disasters.

Critics did not like the show. The writing was deemed “terrible,” “dreadful,” and — in one particularly complimentary review — just “ok.”

However, they found D-Rad to be a swell guest!

“Radcliffe was great as the host of SNL last night, not because he’s revealed he’s a comedic genius, but because he seemed so enthusiastic and committed in every skit,” wrote Crushable’s Molly Horan.

“He did everything right: great comic timing; cheerful, almost giddy participation; and unlike Sir Charles, he can actually read a cue card,” said The Houston Chronicle’s Therese Odell.

Sadly, reviews for musical guest Lana Del Rey did not bode so well. Twitter exploded with criticism of the young gal, with Popdust going so far as to tweet: “’Lana del Rey’s performance on SNL last night really legitimized her career and proved she is a capable performer.’ -No one”.

That was way harsh, Tai. But like the mensch he is, Radcliffe defended his fellow performer: “It was unfortunate that people seemed to turn on her so quickly,” Dan the muggle man said at the BAFTA awards.

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