Iranian “secrets,” coming to you from Israeli TV


Iran, we’re told at least, keeps a lot of secrets.

Maybe. I’m wondering what "secret" means there, exactly. 

Iran’s state-run Press TV runs video of the Emir of Qatar’s "secret" visit to Israel.

Israel and Qatar have had relations — yes, low-level, but out there in the open — since 1996.

But the best part of this "secret" is the "Thanks to Channel 10 in Israel" title on the screen’s lower left.

Never mind the presence of journalists in the video.

The most surprising revelation here is that an Iranian government institution is thanking an entity in the Zionist entity.

UPDATE: Foreign Policy’s Blake Hounshell tells me via Twitter that the video is of a meeting Tzipi Livni had in New York with the emir in 2007.

So not only is the Emir’s visit to Israel not so secret — it didn’t even happen.

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