Shyne keeps it real, Torah style


So there’s this rapper named Shyne, right? And he followed the same old story line involving assault, gun possession, jail for six years, yadda yadda yadda. In the words of Run DMC and Will Shortz, “he be illin.”

But THEN, he gets out of jail and all of the sudden he is this super frum Jew with peyos (because he wants to look like King David) and tzizit and what have you. How crazy is that??

In a recent interview with MTV, Shyne talks about his transformation from street rapper to God lover. He says that while he might outwardly seem like he’s gotten more religious, it was a process that started even before he went to jail: “I was rockin’ my tzitzis and the same Magen David even then,” Shyne explained. And now that he’s gotten out, the dude is just lookin’ to “rep” orthodoxy like a balla shot calla.

“God is like, the big B. He’s the triple triple O-G,” Shyne said of his celestial love.

True ‘dat, brotha. True ‘dat.



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