Thursday Listicles!


Happy week-after-MLK day everybody! For those of you who had Monday off, I hope you enjoyed the last month of 4-day work weeks. For the rest of you, don’t worry. My day off wasn’t that much fun anyway. Basically I just enjoyed the weather and slept and ate well and giggled all day… anyway. Lists!



You inspire me, E.T. man!

Top Ten Jewish Celebrity Role Models: (Algemeiner) Sure, there are some regulars on this list. Spielberg and, of course, Leonard Nimoy are givens. But Paula Abdul? Ivanka Trump? Seems like Torossian’s got some explainin’ to do.










Mac Miller’s Top 5 Rappers He Wants to See Rule 2012: (VIBE) I’m gonna be honest; I’ve never heard of any of these guys. And I don’t trust Mac Miller — the boy has shifty eyes. Anyway, for all you “rap homies” out there, you might enjoy this “hard knock life” gem!









Hood rat.

Top 60 Jewish Ghetto Names: (YouTube) Yes yes yes, I know this is from 2009. However, I never saw it and I do think it is quite the pleaser. Let’s just say, I’m very happy my last name isn’t “Chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

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