Sandra Bernhard was almost Miranda Hobbs!


Can't you see her being a cantankerous lawyer?

Sandra Bernhard, best known for playing one of the first lesbian characters on cable television with her role on “Roseanne,” could have taken her acting chops to a very different sort of show. In a recent interview with Howard Stern, the queen of comedy told the radio host that she was thiiiiiiiiis close to playing Miranda Hobbs on “Sex and the City.” However, she apparently thought the original script was “terrible,” and the pay was not high enough to justify moving from LA to NYC.

Plus, she thinks Sarah Jessica Parker is a suckface: “I would have had to play third or fourth fiddle to Sarah Jessica Parker and put up with her s**t? It would have been hideous to work with her,” Bernhard said.

Wuh-oh. Looks like Judy Attitudy made the right decision, or else there could have been major cat-fightin’ on set. Good thing that was avoided. Since everyone knows Cynthia Nixon, who ended up playing the role of Miranda, is just a non-controversial peach and all.

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