One-pot dishes


Lately it seems like I don't have a free minute and it's hard to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. But I still like to have a hot, hearty meal and the end of each day – here are a few ways to accomplish that with minimal time.

Some can be whipped up in an instant, while others need to be thrown together and simmered for a while, but either way you keep your time in your kitchen to a minimum and your flavor to a maximum.

Chicken and sweet potato stew can go from the chopping board to the table in about 30 minutes – perfect for when you arrive home hungry and tired.

Chana masala is a hearty, spicy Indian dish that can come together in no time if you stick to using canned beans.

This mini-meatball soup stretches the limits of "one-pot" a touch – you brown the meatballs first in a pan before adding to the soup – but it's fairly quick, delicious and a nice tying together of proteins, carbs and veggies.

A hearty beef and vegetable stew requires a couple hours to completely cook, but is fairly hands off after the first 20 minutes. Just let it simmer on a back burner, and then sit down to a delicious dinner!