Bill would provide financial aid to youth who leave haredi world


JERUSALEM (JTA) — A Knesset member from the left-wing Meretz Party has authored a bill that would provide financial aid to young people who leave the haredi Orthodox fold.

The bill being advanced by Zehava Gal-On would provide a financial aid package similar to one given to a new immigrant to the country, Haaretz reported.

Hundreds of youth who leave haredi Orthodoxy each year face financial hardship and difficulty in getting a higher education because their schools do not teach all the core subjects required for a matriculation certificate, according to Haaretz.

The aid would amount to more than $13,000, according to the report.

Meanwhile, an organization that works to help former haredim to reconcile with their families is putting together a class-action lawsuit against the state that says the ex-haredim should be compensated for their lack of a basic education in the core subjects, necessitating them to spend a large amount of money to catch up on the material, Ynet reported.

The Maavar Association told Ynet that it would file the lawsuit in the next two weeks and that the case would be handled on a pro-bono basis.

"Whoever studied in haredi schools without core issues (including those who are still haredi) and has been forced to complete matriculation or psychometric exams, losing years of work or suffering any other financial damage, is invited to send us his personal details," Maavar said in a post on its Facebook page, according to Ynet.

An estimated 200 plaintiffs are expected to join the suit.  

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