Troubling Incidents


Every single thing that is written in this article [on Rav Bina] is 100 percent true. I know this because in my relatively short three-month stint in Yeshivat Hakotel over 10 years ago I personally experienced every single one of them … and more.

I was called every name (the name that stuck and that I was called publicly by Rav Bina was “cancer” and or “poison”), banned from attending classes, abused physically by Rav Bina’s faithful sidekick, sent to therapy, told I was violent and much more.

The truth is I was not a saint by any means, but essentially I was an 18-year-old kid, away from home for the first time, and the way I was treated was nothing I could ever have imagined. At least I had a good level of confidence and was able to stick up for myself. The times that Rav Bina would abuse the boys, the shy and awkward ones who couldn’t defend themselves and were publicly humiliated in very damaging ways, were the incidents I found the most troubling. And they were incredibly frequent.

I agree that Rav Bina does amazing things for a lot of boys — I know many boys that have been the recipient of his kindness and have benefited greatly from it. But to all you supporters out there — does the good that he does for some boys justify that harm that he does to others?

There is no way that as a Jew and as a human being anyone can respond “yes” to this question.