Defends Pius XII


Regarding “Making Sense Of Pius’ Wartime Record” (April 13), David Cymet’s remarks about this subject are no different from the other historical revisionists who have simply ignored the tens of thousands of actual wartime documents that are all available for those who take the trouble to research them.

Spending eight years of “exhaustive study” of the books in the libraries in no way can educate anyone to the reality of the Vatican’s actions during the war. Only the original documents, (which have been readily available throughout Europe since the war), news articles of the period and eyewitness testimony can reveal this history accurately. Sadly, through our posting of over 46,000 pages of documents and research material on, the revisionists have not bothered to even view this material.

Cymet’s responses are made to evoke a negative response but have no basis in reality. As an example, the Concordat was signed to protect the interest of the Church in 1933, which is normal in a hostile relationship. Similarly, The Jews of Palestine signed the Havarah Agreement, an agreement with the Nazis one month before the Vatican ratified the Concordat. The Vatican stated that Jews who were converted would be considered Christian (this clause enabled the Vatican to save tens of thousands of Jews). Cymet inserts his personal opinion by stating [Vatican Secretary of State Eugene] Pacelli [the future Pius XII] agreed to provide a written promise not to interfere in “German internal affairs”  … the persecution of the Jews …

This was never stated in the Concordat, just Cymet’s manipulation of facts. Currently available documents and eyewitness testimony prove that Pius XII was one of the only world leaders who actively acted to save Jewish lives and did in fact “interfere with the persecution of Jews”

Long Beach, L.I.