Jewish Mother’s Day ‘What Ifs?’


Where would we be without our Jewish mothers? A list of moms credited with shaping their children’s lives and legacies, as noted in our archive.

    * Anatoly ‘Natan’ Sharansky might not have ended his hunger strike in 1983.

    Lee Kweller might not have been the first computer-aided Bar Mitzvah boy.

    * Rabbi Joshua Plaut wouldn’t have thought to invite Bill Clinton to Rosh Hashanah services (making him the first U.S. president to attend).


    * Allison Atlas (1979-1993) wouldn’t have received a marrow transplant.

    Sigmund Freud might not have identified as strongly with Jewish faith.
    * Comedian and Actor Sam Bernard wouldn’t have arrived in America.
    * 18-year-old Eugene Moguilevsky might never have won the 1964 Queen Elisabeth International Piano Competition
    Eliezer "Lay Z" Gordon might not have found his groove as a Jewish basketball standout.

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