Narrative On Palestinians


It is not true that “the Palestinians” do not accept the right of Israel to exist (“The Real Catastrophe Of The Nakba,” Editorial, May 18). Undoubtedly some do not, but some do, in particular those in the Palestinian Authority who have declared that to be so for a long time.

Moreover, the whole of the Arab League, in its peace initiative, has offered Israel peace and recognition within the 1967 frontiers. Israel has yet to reply to that initiative. Nor is it entirely the case that [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu is ready to negotiate. He knows that to do so he has only to cease further settlement while negotiations are in progress. This would cost Israel nothing since if negotiations dragged on it could resume its colonization of the West Bank, which it carries on with impunity.

This begs the question of whether that colonization project is either legal, or in Israel’s interest if it wishes to remain a Jewish and democratic state.