A Shavuot Poem


We all watch
A mountain on fire
We see the voice of God
And hear His mighty face

A contradiction of sorts
But no godly being
Could ever have the same mannerisms
As those of the human race

We are free of sin
We all rejoice
We have traveled up the levels of impurity
Till the top

But what is purity
If not a level of impurity
Only higher than the rest
In that place where we stop

Can we go no further
Is Sinai our final destination
Can we not stretch forth our hands
And reach towards God

Our chain is missing no links
For we are all gathered here
The whole nation was born on this day
And together we act as a lightening rod

It is we who bring the thunder
And the lightening of Hashem
We draw Him to this earth
To reveal Himself to us

It is we who join together
One nation and one heartbeat
Connecting the worlds of heaven and earth
We, who are made of dust

For the same dust
That spawned our conception
Was made from the sea
During times of creation

And the sea was made
From heavens’ own matter
So that on this day
We can reach towards salvation

We wish our chain could reach toward the sky
But we send our leader
For separating us from the mountain
There sits a solid bar

We lose our faith and turn to the idol
We repent and resolve to never fall again
Yet 5,000 years later, we still repeat
Our mantra:
The climb is too far.