David Arquette’s bar mitzvah, Natalie Portman’s generous compensation, Mac Miller’s failed prank


NEW YORK (6NoBacon) — Actor David Arquette became a man while visiting Israel to film a new show for the Travel Channel.

Arquette, who was born to a Jewish mother but was not raised Jewish (his father converted to Islam), was at the Western Wall in Jerusalem attending another bar mitzvah ceremony when he was invited to have one himself, according to the Orthodox Jewish website Voz Is Neias. He decided to finally have the rite in front of the sacred site. Arquette, who was in Israel to film “Mile High,” later tweeted, “I had my bar mitzvah today at the wall. Finally I’m a man.”

Natalie Portman’s treat

Natalie Portman was celebrating her 31st birthday over the weekend at a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles with her 10-month-old baby Aleph, who could not stop crying. After failed attempts to calm him, Portman decided to take the food to go — and also to pay the bill for the surrounding tables — as a token of apology for the wailing child.

Shia LaBeouf raises awareness about Roma kids

Actor Shia LaBeouf visited and played with underprivileged children of Roma descent (commonly known as Gypsies) in Los Angeles, and came back with many insights on Twitter. Like this one: “roma kids are f***ing g”– gangsta, that is. That’s a good thing, folks.

Mac Miller can’t punk Neil Patrick Harris

Mac Miller apparently has no future as a prankster. The Jewish rapper was trying to pull a fast one on Neil Patrick Harris on MTV’s celebrity prank show “Punk’d” by planting a bear in Harris’ car while he went hiking. But Harris was as cool as his character Barney in “How I Met Your Mother” and didn’t stress over the situation. He said, “Relax guys,” then let everyone know he knew it was a prank.

Shaun White raising the Bar?

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli told Conan O’Brien about how guys don’t hit on her, and apparently two-time Olympic gold medal-winning snowboarder Shaun White heard the call — the two were seen extremely close at a party last week. Neither Refaeli or White will comment, but TMZ already has deemed White as the “King of Gingers.”

Amanda Bynes wants Obama’s help

Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes has found herself in a heap of trouble since the beginning of the year. She fled a police officer who pulled her over, got in a few accidents and was arrested on a DUI in April. Bynes claims she is innocent, so she decided to go to the top in her quest for truth — the president. Bynes tweeted Obama last week and asked him to help her out with the DUI, saying “Hey @BarackObama … I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.” Obama has yet to tweet back.

The case of Drake, the lawyer and the stolen Rolex

Entertainment lawyer James McMillan has accused the Jewish-Canadian rapper Drake of carrying a stolen Rolex, claiming the watch belongs to him. Apparently McMillan stopped by a jewelry store in Midtown Manhattan to clean his $300,000 Rolex, but the store owner allegedly liked the watch so much he started wearing it and may have sold it to Drake. The rapper is claiming he got a bum rap and denies he has anything to do with the bizarre tale.

Andy Samberg educates about cannibals

With some reports of cannibalism spreading in the U.S., Andy Samberg decided to educate the masses with his own PSA. So if you happen to look at a fellow human and consider to have him for lunch, the comedian says to remember the five D’s: Do not eat any people; Do eat things that are not people; if you want to eat a lobster, Do make sure it’s really lobster; Don’t snort bath salts (one of the main drugs cannibals enjoy taking); and Denver, because Samberg says it’s just a great city.

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