Gays And Israel Parade


 The Celebrate Israel parade rightly collates diverse elements of the Jewish community. When coupled with Israel’s supporters among non-Jewish groups, the array of marchers and attendees delivers a vital pro-Israel message to the city and to the world.

However, parade organizers crossed a red line this year with the inclusion of Jewish Queer Youth, marching under their own banner “Signs Of The Times: Gays Marched, ‘No One Cared’” (June 8). In the eyes of Orthodox Judaism, this inclusion amounts to an endorsement of sinful activity. It is no different than, say, if a group called Adulterers for Israel were permitted to march, a notion that is self-evidently ludicrous.

When Orthodox groups participate in an event that has on its official roster a group such as Jewish Queer Youth, they are implicitly condoning homosexual conduct. I can’t imagine that any Orthodox group would wish to be seen as doing so, and I cannot imagine attending the parade in future years unless this urgent matter is addressed.

Far Rockaway, Queens