In The Beginning


The fine interview of Susan Weidman Schneider in the “Jewish Women Now” special section (“A Journalistic Room of One’s Own,” June 22) gets it partly wrong in characterizing Schneider as “founding editor.”

The original notion of a Jewish feminist magazine was tossed around as early as February 1973, at the first National Jewish Feminist Conference in New York’s McAlpin Hotel. Writer and editor Aviva Cantor came up with the idea and contoured the concept with a collective of women that included (among others) Eleanor Lester, Batya Bauman, Barbara Gingold and Elie Faust-Leon. 

The actual launch of the first issue in the fall of 1976 was done by the three founding co-editors: Aviva Cantor, Susan Weidman Schneider and Amy Stone. But there is no question that the idea for Lilith came from the heart, brain and soul of Aviva Cantor.


Jerome A. Chanes is editor of the “The Future of American Judaism” (Trinity/Columbia University Press).