Romney’s Bold Approach?


Your editorial, “Romney’s Bold Approach” (Aug. 3) finds it “bracing to see the presumptive Republican presidential candidate put his marker down for all the world to see that he stands with Israel, with no qualifying statements, hesitation or attempts at evenhandedness.”

“Bracing,” really, that the possible next president of the United States would abandon any effort to be the honest broker of a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians? Is this your definition of what it means to be pro-Israel?

I find this prospect, at a minimum, dismaying and at worst tragic, because if there is ever to be any possibility of Israel’s finding lasting peace, it can only happen with a return to tough-minded and scrupulously evenhanded mediation by the United States. Absent the achievement of a two-state solution in the very near future, the survival of Israel as a Jewish democracy is in grave jeopardy. No friend of Israel, including the president of the United States, should regard such a fate with anything but dread.

Communications Committee Chair J Street NYC