Misleading Ryan Headline


I was struck by the completely misleading New York Times-esque headline “Ryan Seen Harming Romney With Jews” of your Aug. 17 issue. Every single factual description of Rep. Paul Ryan in the article points to a person who would be a very strong supporter of Israel and Jewish causes. How exactly does this fit in with the narrative expressed by your headline?

Maybe we can find the harm in the quote from Esther Fuchs, who said, “I think it will put some of the fence-sitters into the Obama camp, particularly seniors in New York and Florida,” referring to “problems for anybody who supports Medicare and any of the safety-net social programs.”  

The Jews to whom the good professor refers are the dyed-in-the-wool Democrats who will never vote for anyone else; they’d sooner eat pork.

Ryan’s plan states outright that no changes in Medicare will affect anyone over 55, and this is not in dispute. Unfortunately, “Ryan’s Plan Will Not Harm Senior Jews” or “Ryan’s Staunch Support of Israel Will Help Ryan with Jews” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as a front-page headline.

New Rochelle, N.Y.