ADL: Michigan St. attack not a hate crime
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ADL: Michigan St. attack not a hate crime

A few weeks back we reported on an grusome assault against a Jewish student at Michigan St. — and the refusal of the local police department to classify the assault as a hate crime, despite reports that the victim was claiming his attackers chanted “Heil Hitler” and gave the Nazi salute.

Now the ADL has issued a statement saying its inclined to accept the conclusion that the incident was not a hate crime: [[READMORE]]

Our understanding is that the investigation is now nearly complete.  Based on interviews with more than 50 witnesses who were at the party that night, the East Lansing Police have apparently concluded that while the student was the victim of a serious physical assault, the evidence does not support his claim that the assault involved anti-Semitic hate speech or gestures, nor does it indicate that the incident was motivated by his religion.

The story is a very sad one, on many levels.  However, based on the best information currently available, ADL does not believe this incident should be treated as a hate crime.