Marvel Comics suing Jerusalem shop


(JTA) — Marvel Comics is suing a Jerusalem shop for selling unlicensed Spider-Man merchandise.

Avi Binyamin, who owns the Kippa Man store on Ben-Yehuda Street, is being sued for nearly $25,700 for selling kipot with Spider-Man’s likeness, The Jerusalem Post reported.

“A reasonable consumer could be fooled into thinking that the infringing product is manufactured and/or sold by the plaintiff with the knowledge and/or approval of the defendant,” the court document states, according to the Post.

Binyamin received the documents on Sept. 12.

“They make them in China, I just bring them,” Binyamin told the paper, adding that “There are 20 stores on this street, they all sell the same thing.”

Amir Ivtsan, a partner in an Israeli law firm that has represented Marvel in Israel for a decade, said this is one of many similar cases.

"If they find illegal merchandise, they will tell us and we will sue them," he said.

Numerous shops along Ben-Yehuda sell merchandise featuring Spider-Man as well as such characters as Superman and college mascots.

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