Jay-Z the Maccabee


Jay-Z and menorah-contributor, Amit Wehle

Chanukah came a bit early for folks in Brooklyn, after hip-hop prodigy Jay-Z borrowed a menorah from a Brooklyn resident, and lit a candle on the menorah for each of the eight nights he performed at the new Barclay center.

Jay-Z fan Amit Wehle was ecstatic when his brother-in-law, who was Jay-Z’s concert producer, asked if he had an extra menorah to lend the former Brooklynite ahead of the big show.

This is how the conversation went, Wehle told on Fuse.tv.

Me: ‘Hey Nate.’

Nate: ‘Yo, do you have a menorah?’

Me: ‘What? Yeah, of course. Why?’

Nate: ‘Cool. Jay-Z needs it backstage.'”

Wehle doesn’t only live right near the Barclay Center, he resides at 560 State Street, the “stash pot” Jay-Z makes a shout out to in his hit song, “Empire State of Mind.” He happily lent his menorah to Blue Ivy Carter’s father, “knowing my menorah would be burning bright for Jay-Z, Beyoncé and the band backstage, warmed my heart,” he added.

Jay-Z stopped by Wehle’s apartment later to thank him for the menorah and offered him two VIP tickets to his show the following night. Now how’s that for a Chanukah miracle.

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