Predicting the first Jewish President


The day after the 2012 elections, JTA was hard at work updating its biennial roll call of Jewish members of Congress.

While New York Magazine proclaimed President Barack Obama "The First Jewish President" back in 2011, when might America see it’s first actual Jewish President?


In 1960, former President Harry Truman wagered a guess:

Harry S. Truman, former President honored at an Israel bond rally here last night as "Man of the Century," predicted that "50 years after I’m dead," a Jew might be elected President of the United States. "I’d certainly like to see it." he said, "but the figures are against me. The next thing you know, well elect a Jew, then maybe a colored man for Vice President."

Truman was right: It’s 2012 and America has yet to see a black vice president.

IMAGE: Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion (R) and Abba Eban presents U.S. President Harry Truman (L) with a birthday gift: a Hannukah menorah from 1767. (May 8, 1951)

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