Mayim Bialik cashes in…


Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik came out with the upper hand this past week after cashing a check from ABC for appearing on The View last year, even after the show bashed her over her parenting practices.

Show hosts made some incendiary comments, suggesting her divorce was a result of her attachment parenting tactics, which include breastfeeding her four-year-old, and having all the children sleep in the same bed with her and her ex-husband.

“I like that less than a week after ‘The View’ bashed me and blamed me for my parenting choices causing my divorce, I got a residuals check for my appearance on their show from last year which was about my parenting book. Heehee,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

“The hands-on style of parenting we practice played no role in the changes that led to this decision. Relationships are complicated no matter what style of parenting you choose,” she also noted on her website.




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