U.N. nuclear inspection team to visit Tehran


(JTA) — An inspection team from the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog agency will make a one-day visit to Tehran in an effort to jump-start talks on Iran’s nuclear program.

The seven-member team from the International Atomic Energy Agency was scheduled to meet with Iranian nuclear officials on Thursday. The team also was planning to attempt a visit to the Parchin military complex, which the IAEA has been trying to see for the last year. Satellite photos of the site near Tehran indicate that it has been used for nuclear weapons experiments.

Earlier this week, the Institute for Science and International Security, a U.S. think tank, released satellite photos of Parchin showing the construction of two large buildings following the demolition of the existing buildings, Haaretz reported.

In August, the IAEA released a report that included details on Iran demolishing buildings and sterilizing the Parchin military complex, which would make it harder to detect the nature of nuclear research efforts there.

Tehran says its nuclear activity is for creating domestic energy and peaceful research. The West believes Iran is attempting to create a nuclear weapon.

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