James Franco officially does everything…


Cross “poet” off the small list of things James Franco cannot do.

The Jewish over-achiever who is simultaneously an actor, singer, director, student, and novelist is writing a new poetry book.

Franco has signed with the small Minnesota publisher, Graywolf Press, to release his first poetry book, “Directing Herbert White.”

Up for release in April of 2014, the title comes from a short film Franco wrote and directed in 2010, according to the New York Times.

Franco’s poems are “a series of portraits of American successes and failures from within Hollywood … But they are also smart and highly aware notes of caution of what can happen when the filmed self becomes fixed and duplicated, while the ongoing self must continue living and watching,” said Graywolf poetry editor Jeffrey Shotts.

“Directing Herbert White” follows Franco’s recent attempt at literature, after his collection of short stories, “Palo Alto” came out last year.

At this point in progress, the only thing he has yet to achieve is becoming a Rabbi… we’re on to you, Franco.

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