Polish store employees indicted for anti-Semitic merchandise


WARSAW, Poland (JTA) — An indictment was filed against a store in Poland for selling anti-Semitic accessories for soccer fans. 

The Lodz District Attorney’s Office filed the indictment Friday with the district court in that city.

The store is accused of selling accessories such as scarves, T-shirts, lighters and shorts with slogans promoting racial hatred. Promoting racial hatred is illegal in Poland.

Police on a search of the store uncovered merchandise containing anti-Semitic slogans. One scarf read "Sidelock hunters." Stickers read "Anti Jude" and "The Land of Widzew. Jews not allowed." Widzew is a professional Polish soccer club based in Lodz.

Among those named in the indictment are a 25-year-old salesman identified as Sebastian P. and a 36-year-old business manager, Magdalena B. They are accused of incitement based on religious affiliation.

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