10 percent of Israelis with doctorates living abroad


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Some 10 percent of Israelis holding doctorates are living abroad, according to an Israeli government report.

They have been living abroad for at least three years for work or study, according to a report released last week by the Central Bureau of Statistics based on figures in 2011.

Fourteen percent of those with doctorates in science and engineering have left Israel for at least three years, while the figure is 3.8 percent for those in the humanities and social sciences.

Some 18,025 Israelis, or 5 percent, who received an advanced degree between the years 1985 and 2005 have lived outside Israel for more than three years, the report found.

The rate of return among Ph.Ds in 2010 was 4 percent.

The report was prepared for the Science and Technology Ministry’s National Council for Research and Development.

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