Happy 2013 and Rihanna arrives at Israel Zoo


Ring in the new year by welcoming Rihanna to the Holy Land.

A South African-born rhinoceros joined the Ramat Gan safari in Israel last week, and will go by the name of Rihanna, after the acclaimed Barbados-native R&B singer simply because she performed in Israel in 2010.

Safari staff decided on the rhino’s name, despite an influx of public suggestions of Israeli names– perhaps there was a hidden appeal or further incentive to the name, Rihanna, but who really knows.

Rihanna is currently fenced off from the rest of the safari but is reportedly settling in well into her new surroundings, the Times of Israel reports. If all goes well, the rhino will become a Sabra in the next few weeks and will join the rest of the rhinos in the safari family– we’re hoping she stays away from any rhinos named Chris Brown…


Rihanna, the new addition to the Ramat Gan Safari (photo: Ramat Gan Safari)

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