Adam Sandler leads the way in atrocious, god-awful filmmaking awards


Things are looking good, or terribly bad for Adam Sandler, all depending on how you view eight nominations for the Razzies, an award presented to the worst in the film industry.

The lovable-yet-not-really-funny actor is leading the way in nominations for his 2012 film “That’s My Boy.” Sandler’s film is nominated for Worst Picture, Worst Screen Ensemble, Worst Director, and Worst Screen Play. Sandler himself is nominated for Worst Actor and Worst Screen Couple with Leighton Meester.

Another honorable mention for the tribe is Barbara Streisand, who is nominated for Worst Actress for her performance in “Guilt Trip”… don’t let them get you down, Babs! We love you anyways!

Shifting back to Sandler, the 46-year-old actor also dominated the Razzies last year for his horrendously unfunny comedy, “Jack and Jill.”

Adam, here’s some heart-to-heart advice from all your friends at JTA: consider channeling your inner genius in the Bar Mitzvah entertainment industry… we’re almost confident you’ll fit in perfectly.


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