Maude Apatow proves herself in acting world, impersonates a perfect Kardashian


If you’ve ever had doubted the legitimacy of the acting of Maude Apatow, the daughter of celebrated film maker Judd Apatow, here’s reason to confirm your a fan.

In a deleted scene from Apatow’s recent film “This is 40” posted on FunnyorDie, Maude demonstrates that she is able to perfectly impersonate all three of the Kardashian sisters, even at the age of 15.

She starts off making fun of Khloe, who she calls the smartest “well, out of all of them,” and then nasally mimics her “Lamaaaaar.” She then moves onto Kourtney, who she calls the most responsible, and puts on a typical Valley girl drawl to talk about Scott Disick who is “so out of control.” She then deadpeans into Kim in a higher pitch voice, and basically whines about not having butt implants.

It’s pretty clear from this deleted scene that Judd’s funniness has taken a toll onto his daughter. Check out the video below:

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