Things in DivorceLand aren’t looking too swell for Bethenny Frankel


It might be time for Jewish housewife Bethenny Frankel to suit up in battle gear because ex husband Jason Hoppy is not going down without a fight.

Frankel filed for divorce earlier this month after two years of “Happily Ever After” with Hoppy, and she made some pretty hefty demands in the process. According to TMZ, Frankel wants primary custody of their 2-year-old daughter Bryn, and for Hoppy to pay for child support, all hers and their daughter’s medical expenses, and life insurance.

Except Hoppy basically has the exact same demands.

In his filed response to Frankel, Hoppy also wants primary custory, as well as child support, payment for his lawyers, payment of medical and dental needs for himself and their daughter, and occupancy of their home–all from her pocket.

The Bravo reality star is worth some $55 million, according to Forbes, but even with such deep pockets, the two will likely be sparring over this for a while.

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