Staten Island Coverage


On behalf of the Arden Heights-Boulevard Jewish Center, located on Staten Island, I am writing to express our appreciation for the article describing the participation of Jewish organizations on Staten Island in the hurricane relief effort,

including the Chanukah party that our synagogue hosted for a group of the victims, following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy (“Sandy’s Émigré Toll On Staten Island,” Dec. 21).

As president of our synagogue, I sit with a group of Staten Islanders who have been working to assist those members of our community that were affected by Sandy. We have been meeting regularly at the JCC, since shortly after the storm.

Staten Island has often been referred to as the “Forgotten Borough,” and so as a longtime subscriber and reader of The Jewish Week, I find it very gratifying to see your newspaper publish an article about the Jewish population here on Staten Island. 

We are an active community with numerous synagogues, kosher stores, restaurants, etc., as well as the JCC of Staten Island, and I believe that The Jewish Week has a substantial readership on the Island. We would love to see more coverage of the various Jewish community events on Staten Island.

President, Arden Heights-Boulevard Jewish Center Staten Island