Skip the chuppah, reverend, we’re in a hurry


Harry Salpeter’s true 1934 love story — about two young Jews in such a hurry to get married that they found a reverend to perform the ceremony — was a hit with JTA’s Jewish Daily Bulletin readers.

"How about a reverend?"
And to a reverend they went, not knowing his denomination, and they asked him to marry them.
They found him in the bosom of his family, with his wife and two young children and a couple of visiting relatives who were useful as witnesses.
Also, they found him in his shirt-sleeves and unshaven. He wanted to shave in preparation for his part in the ceremony, whereupon the young man said: "If you shave, we’ll walk out on you." However, they let him don his coat and with the admonition from the young man to make the ceremony as little religious as possible, all took their places.

The story was followed by a postscript the following week and reprinted one month later.

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