Report: Budapest University student council lists Jews


BUDAPEST, Hungary (JTA) — Members of the student council of the University of Budapest compiled lists of students’ presumed religion, ethnic background including Jewish origins, and political affiliation.

The files were compiled annually on freshmen by the HOK student council, according to a report published Tuesday by the Hungarian television channel ATV, which received a copy of a full list from 2009.

Another column contained the letters I/N –– Hungarian for Y/N, or “Yes/No” — and is believed by some to be used to indicate whether the student is Jewish, ATV reported. An adjacent column lists in code the political party with which the student is presumed to be affiliated.

Kalman Szalai, managing director of the Action and Protection Foundation — a new Jewish watchdog on anti-Semitism in Hungary — told JTA his organization has requested that police investigate the case, since the registration of such personal information is forbidden under Hungarian law.

In a statement, the foundation said the governing board of the student body was “closely linked with the extreme rightist Jobbik party.” A Jewish student from the university approached the foundation requesting that it “initiate all possible legal actions to clarify the case,” the statement read.

“If the information is correct, then this is a grave breach of the constitution and those who contributed in compiling it committed several crimes,” the foundation said in a statement issued Tuesday.

A representative of the student council is quoted as saying that his organization is nonpartisan and the file was a forgery based on an original list that did not contain personal details.

Gyorgy Fabri, a University of Budapest spokesman, said the institution has launched an investigation into the case.

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