Mila Kunis gets date request for a college cotillion


Is Mila Kunis going to say yes again?

The Jewish celebrity has been asked on a date via the internet to the college cotillion by Kirsten Bledsoe, a senior in Hollins University, Virginia

Kunis is Bledsoe’s celebrity crush, and she asked Kunis out on a date following her adorable interview with a BBC reporter

“I would really like to go out with a bang – or I would really like to go out with you. It’s my senior year in college; it’s my last school dance, so I figured I’d ask someone who’s never been to a school dance with a willing date before. So, just let me know, and I’ll bring the Blue Moon, and you just bring yourself,” Bledsoe tells Kunis in a video she made with her friends.

Bledsoe told The Daily Beast she is a proud lesbian and “any attention the video gets is a great way to highlight LGBTQ awareness in a rural Southern state,”

“I don’t know if Mila will say yes if the video reaches her. I do think that if she chooses to acknowledge it she will be kind and funny if not willing to go. The biggest conflict, I think, would be her busy schedule,” she said, adding that she’s like to date Kunis because she isn’t “bad looking either.”


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