Palestinian rioting over teens’ killings, prisoner’s death moves into second day


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Palestinians in the Hebron area rioted for a second day following the killing of two teens by Israeli troops and the cancer death of a Palestinian prisoner.

A group of Palestinians threw firebombs on Wednesday night at an Israeli army lookout post near the Einav settlement in the West Bank. Israeli soldiers manning the guard tower responded with live fire, killing a 17-year-old Palestinian male. The body of a second Palestinian, a 19-year-old, was discovered in the area early Thursday morning. The two reportedly were cousins.

Some 50 firebombs were thrown Wednesday by Palestinian rioters, an Israeli army spokesman told reporters.

Meanwhile, Palestinians threw rocks and firebombs in the Hebron area before and during the funeral for Maysara Abuhamdieh, 64, a Palestinian prisoner in Israel who died Tuesday of esophageal cancer. Thousands of mourners attended his burial on Thursday morning near Hebron.

Palestinians also protested in other areas of the West Bank.  

Palestinian officials have accused Israel of withholding appropriate medical treatment. An autopsy Wednesday showed that Abuhamdieh had a malignant tumor in the vocal chords with metastasis in the lungs, neck, chest, liver, spine and ribs.


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