Tablet: Broyde out at RCA’s Beth Din of America


Tablet reports that Rabbi Michael Broyde is out, at least for now, as a dayan (judge) at the Beth Din of America, the religious court operated by the Rabbinical Council of America: 

 “Rabbi Broyde has admitted to behavior that the Rabbinical Council finds extremely disturbing,” Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, president of the RCA, told Tablet. “We have determined and announced by the Beth Din of America, our affiliated rabbinical court, that he has ceased to serve as a dayan immediately and indefinitely.”…

Said Rabbi Goldin, “We are going to continue investigating the matter and proceedings will be underway to determine any further appropriate action.”

UPDATE: Steven I. Weiss, who wrote the initial story about Broyde’s fake persona, took to Twitter to note that the law and ethics scholar is slated to give a keynote today in Chicago at an academic conference titled “Shari’a and Halakha in America.” Here’s the info on his speech:

Michael Broyde, Professor of Law, Emory University;  Former Director and currently Dayan (judge), Beth Din of America
"Suggestions for Shari’a Courts based on the Precedent of the Beth Din of America."

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