Did Michael Broyde use another false identity?


A  new report from The Jewish Channel raises new questions about Rabbi Michael Broyde, the former Beth Din of America judge who admitted earlier this month to creating a fake persona in which he engaged in correspondence with other rabbis and gained membership in a rabbinic association.

Now, TJC is claiming that Broyde may have created a second fake persona. In the fall of 2009, Rabbi Broyde wrote a long and controversial article on the laws of women covering their hair. Later that year, the blog Hirhurim posted a letter from David Keter providing historical support for Broyde’s opinion. Keter’s letter included a detailed personal history as well as anecdotal evidence that supported Broyde’s position.

Only problem is, Keter might not be real. The Jewish Channel, working off the Keter "biography," finds no evidence that Keter exists. Full report here.

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