Zach Braff turns to Kickstarter to help fund a ‘Garden State’ sequel


Attention all “Garden State” fans still pining for more: You can take action.

Zach Braff, the super relatable Jersey boy behind the classic 2004 film, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a follow-up.

In his video the adorable Braff explains why he’s hitting us up (because big money investors want too much of a say in how the movie is made) and treats us to some funny cameos.

Inspired by the Veronica Mars people who raised money on Kickstarter for a movie version of the TV show, Braff hopes to raise $2 million by May 24. The film, called “Wish I Was Here,” centers on Aidan Bloom, a struggling actor who, after his dad stops paying for his kids’ private school, tries home schooling them.

The big question, naturally, is there a role in this one for Natalie Portman?

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