Celebrity chef Jamie Geller documents her first year in Israel


In her new online series “The Joy of Israel,” kosher cook and bestselling author Jamie Geller shows us what it’s like, while also highlighting some of the Holy Land’s sights and flavors. The webisodes are a follow-up to the “Joy of Aliyah,” which depicted the Geller family’s initial transition to Israel.

In the premiere, which debuted this month, the Gellers visit the Golan, where they ride chairlifts and horses and cook up a stew that the woman who has been called the Kosher Rachael Ray dubs “cowboy cholent.” The travel scenes are great, but equally engaging are the small moments, like when Geller can’t help her 8-year-old daughter with her math homework without the help of her Google translator app.

Geller may be new to Israel, but she’s very familiar with putting together a show. She was formerly a producer and marketing executive for HBO shows like “The Sopranos”, “Entourage”, and “The Wire.”

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