Republican Jews to the party: Dig deep, go soft


No one disputes Republicans made gains among Jews this election, although, yes, there are arguments about how many. (4 percent? 6 percent? 8? 10?)

Democrats, at least on the record, say it was the economy, stupid, just like it was with the rest of the population, where President Obama did not lead as much as he did in 2008. They also note that 68 69 percent is a substantial majority, whether or not it was 78 or 74 percent in 2008.

Republicans credit the Republican Jewish Coalition’s massive rollout, particularly in Florida and Ohio. And by “Republicans,” I don’t just mean Jews in the party; you hear this throughout the party.

Until we see deeper analysis, we may never know for sure. But whatever the case, this video advice from the RJC to the national party hits some right notes:

–Research as deep as your pockets will allow;

–When pitching to a constituency that tends to vote for Democrats, don’t go mean, go “disappointed;”

–It’s never gonna be just about a single issue (in this case, Israel);

–Figure out a way to get social issues off the table.

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