Israeli airstrike kills senior Palestinian terrorist in Gaza


JERUSALEM (JTA) — An Israeli airstrike killed a senior Palestinian terrorist in northern Gaza. 

Hithem Ziad Ibrahim Masshal, 24, who worked for several terror organizations, was killed Monday while riding his motorcycle near a Hamas training camp, according to reports. Masshal had been involved in a rocket attack on Eilat earlier this month.

Masshal has been a key terror figure, specializing in weapons and working with Gaza Strip terror organizations, the Israel Defense Forces said. The IDF said in a statement that he manufactured, improved and traded ammunition, specializing in rockets and explosive devices, which he sold to terror organizations.

Masshal also assisted the Shura Council of the Mujahadeen in Jerusalem, part of the Global Jihad network, and was involved in extensive terror activity against Israeli civilians and soldiers, according to the IDF.

On April 17, Masshal assisted the Shura Council in firing long-range Grad missiles from the Sinai Peninsula at Eilat in southern Israel. One of the rockets struck a construction site in southern Eilat.

"Today we struck at one of those involved in the criminal firing of rockets at Eilat," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday following the assassination of Masshal. "I said that we would not ignore this; our action is in continuation of our policy. We will not accept the sporadic firing of rockets from either the Gaza Strip or Sinai. We will act, and are acting, in order to defend Israeli citizens."


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