Financial Aid For Day School Parents


Re: “The Day School Dilemma” (Editor’s column, May 3), I hope that Carolyn and Don will ask their day school about financial aid. It sounds like they’re falling into the middle-class trap:

assuming that because they make a middle-class income, they either shouldn’t ask for aid or wouldn’t get it if they did. Both assumptions are incorrect.

At Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan, for example, many families with Carolyn and Don’s income of $200,000 qualify for financial aid even for one child. Schools like ours take into account many factors besides income: family size, assets, extraordinary expenses and the like. We are able to do this because we have a community of supporters who understand that if Carolyn and Don can’t send their kids to day schools, the whole community loses out.
By working with the business office of their day school, families like Carolyn and Don’s may be able to give their children the Jewish education they want — without mortgaging their future.

President, Board of Trustees The Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan