Chabad women blend tradition and fashion


Last week, I wrote about Chabad men with a passion for fashion, some of whom are finding ways of incorporating new styles into the strict haredi dress code.

This week, the website Fashionista wrote about women in the same haredi group who are doing the same: Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik, the creators of MIMU MAXI, a skirt line for Orthodox women.

“We thought about something that we could put our energy into, to express ourselves and get some cool skirts out of it,” said Notik, who sells products in a range of colorful patterns.

Coincidentally, I interviewed Mushky Notik’s husband, Saadya, for my story last week. An ordained rabbi who used to work as a professional clothier, he had some interesting things to say on what people wear, why and what Judaism has to say about it.

“People often will ignore or neglect by default some of the outer sense of being, like clothing,” Saadya Notik said. “In almost all of humanity, people wear clothing. Even in the jungle people wear some clothing. You can get by with the very basics and just cover yourself, but in Judaism in particular, even the outer sense of self is important, and has to be enthused with a sense of mission.”

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