Russian journalist apologizes for Nazis remark


(JTA) — A Russian journalist apologized for writing that the Nazis should have “made lampshades of the forefathers of today’s liberals.”

Ulyana Skoibeda said Monday that she was sorry for making the statement in an article that appeared May 15 in the online edition of the Russian daily Komsomolskaia Pravda.

The office of the daily’s editor in chief said Skoibeda had been “seriously reprimanded.”

Her comment was widely interpreted as referring to accounts of the use of human skin harvested from dead Jews during the Holocaust for the making of lampshades at Buchenwald, a Nazi concentration camp.

She also had written, “We would have fewer problems now.”

Skoibeda was reacting to statements by liberal politician Leonid Gozman –- who is Jewish, according to Radio Free Europe -– on Stalin’s wartime anti-espionage persecution.


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