Questions U.S. Arms Sale


I fail to find the logic in your criticism of Secretary of State John Kerry or President Barack Obama in your editorial, “Crossing The Line” (April 26).

The secretary did not remark about the relative “innocence” of the victims at the Boston bombing, and on the topic of the Turkish flotilla he commented on the grief felt by their families, which was no doubt equally real.

As for the president, it was of doubtful wisdom for him to sell the Israelis fuel tankers enabling them to bomb Iran; it would have been inexcusable had he sold them so-called bunker-buster bombs as well. However close an ally Israel may be to the U.S. — and this should go for any country in the world — the United States cannot surrender to another country the decision about where and when it will go to war.

There is nothing defensive about bunker-busting bombs.